White House

Deregulation of Abortion Pill

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Alternatives Pregnancy Center and the American Council are joining forces to speak out against the deregulation of oversight from the Biden Administration of the abortion pill. The White House now allows anyone to gain access to the abortion pill, mailed right to their door, even if they are beyond the current limit of 10 weeks. The current administration is championing and increasing access to at-home chemical abortions, posing a significant risk to women and their babies.

The regulations that have been lifted from the FDA eliminate all safeguards that are put in place to protect women, like oversight from a physician, documentation of how far along a pregnant woman is in order to safely administer these drugs, and Informed consent.

This reality create very dangerous situations for mothers, children, and medical professionals. Under these new rules, women can order these abortion pills, online, without having to meet with a physician before-hand, no matter the stage of pregnancy.

This is not women's health care.

Do you want to see the restoration of America and the conservation of Biblical values? Time to prove it. Stand up, speak out, and let your voice be heard.