CA State Assembly

Guaranteed Healthcare For All Act

Bill description

If passed, the Guaranteed Healthcare For All Act would create a single-payer health insurance system, eliminating the existence of private insurance and handing over total control of our medical freedom to the discretion of the state government.  In a supposed effort to assist struggling Californians, CalCare intends to create a comprehensive, universal healthcare system that would preclude the role of private health insurance.  Interestingly, a recent survey reports that nearly 93% of Californians are insured, causing us to question the necessity and efficacy of this bill.

Assemblyman Ash Kalra, the primary author of A.B. 1400, promotes the notion that CalCare bolsters medical freedom of choice and "eliminates barriers to care such as out-of-pocket costs and deductibles."  Contrarily, the passage of this bill would do the exact opposite by eradicating the free market competition of healthcare and placing the heavy burden of funding on the backs of taxpayers.  More specifically, the Guaranteed Healthcare For All Act is estimated to create $200 billion in new taxes for the citizens of California.  

If A.B. 1400 wasn't already alarming enough, Assemblyman Kalra has introduced a Constitutional Amendment, ACA 11, which specifies the imposition of an "excise tax, payroll taxes, and a State Personal Income CalCare Tax at specified rates to fund comprehensive universal single-payer health care coverage."  In other words, the adoption of ACA 11, in association with A.B. 1400, would result in the revocation of your right to private health insurance, rolling out an array of new taxes because of it.

In 2017, a similar single-payer healthcare insurance bill was discussed on the floor of the California Senate.  After hours of debate, S.B. 562 was deemed as "woefully incompetent" and "a statement of principles."  While the California legislature has gained more Democratic traction leading up to the proposal of A.B. 1400, we are hoping for a similar realization of utter absurdity and gross irresponsibility.

To add to the madness, the governing CalCare board would be made up of 9 members, with 5 governor appointees and 2 from each legislative house. Among the 9 board members, one must be a nurse and another must be a member of a labor union, disregarding the need for the presence of healthcare officials and blatantly revealing the corruption within the proposed Guaranteed Healthcare For All Act.

A.B. 1400 is not a healthcare bill.  It is a campaign for more power and further infiltration into the personal lives of the people of California.  The progressive agenda is testing how far they can go until the people say, "NO MORE."  This isn't about medical insurance, this is about freedom.

Do you want to see the restoration of America and the conservation of Biblical values? Time to prove it. Stand up, speak out, and let your voice be heard.