Office of Gov. Newsom

Urge Newsom to Veto S.B. 107








Amidst a slew of transgender healthcare legislation, State Senator Scott Wiener introduced Senate Bill 107, a bill which would reinforce current California policy allowing for court-sanctioned "temporary emergency jurisdiction" over children who are denied access to gender-affirming health care by their guardians, including transitionary drugs and sex-change procedures. Furthermore, S.B. 107 enacts new prohibitions against the sharing of medical records regarding the receipt of gender-affirming care, prohibiting the enforcement of out-of-state subpoenas seeking information regarding the receipt of gender-affirming medical care in California.

In the state of California, a minor can be removed from the care of their guardian for a plethora of legitimate reasons, including domestic violence, verbal abuse, and various forms of neglect. This piece of legislation would further promote the failure of a guardian to support and/or facilitate the gender reassignment of their child to the list of reasons the government can remove a child from the care of their parent.

Senate Bill 107 is an affront to fundamental Biblical and Constitutional principles on multiple levels:

  • dismantling a guardian’s ability to parent their child, relinquishing their rights to the government
  • Supporting the ability for underdeveloped children to choose their gender
  • Obstructing the judicial process in other states, providing services for their citizens that are against state laws

Join the American Council as we speak out in opposition to Senate Bill 107 and stand up for parental sovereignty, state’s rights, and the eradication of child exploitation.  Urge Governor Newsom to veto S.B. 107!